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CAT Syllabus

CAT (Common Admission Test) examination is conducted by different IIMs each year around the month of November. The test is conducted by IIMs for the selection of students for its various business administration programs. CAT doesn’t provide a fixed syllabus for the exam, although questions pertaining to intermediate school learnings in English, Mathematics and Logical Reasoning are asked. This test comprises of three sections namely Quantitative Ability, Verbal Reasoning and Data Interpretation &Logical reasoning. There is a fixed duration of 1hour each for the above three sections. The score obtained in the examination is prerequisite not only for admission in IIMs but also other top B-Schools. The validity of score is for one year only. Although IIMs don’t specify the exact syllabus, our team has categorized the syllabus, which is extremely important to get and overview of the exam. Syllabus for CAT Exam Verbal Ability Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning Quantitative ability Reading Comprehension Caselets Numbers ·         Number Systems ·         Progressions […]

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How to Improve Your English Language Ability

Aroma of language (First)  Yes this is what the series of language awareness , improvement tips and write ups by me is going to be called. You might wonder – why, what…has she gone crazy???….well the answer is NO..at least not yet.. So let me tell you …yes language has to be felt and enjoyed like a whiff of fresh air…like a lingering smell…like the aroma of delicious food coming to the nostrils of a hungry person… OK..point taken…you want to CRACK CAT and not worry about language and its aroma….Lets Get GOING !!!! The First Aroma : The first and foremost thing to be kept in mind is to have loads of words at hand to speak and write…in technical language : IMPROVE YOUR VOCABULARY Hmm..i know you are thinking..YES ..we know we have to improve our vocabulary but HOW??….We cannot seem to remember words…. EXACTLY…I realize that…So???? Please don’t memorise…START VISUALISING THE WORDS… Let us try doing some: GORMANDIZE: […]

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CAT 2018 and the Learnings for CAT 2019 Verbal Prep

Hi everyone! So the dust has finally settled on CAT 2018 and in many ways 25th November 2018 turned out to be a watershed date in the history of the CAT. In this series of articles I will take a look at a description of the sections in the CAT 2018 test paper and then at what it means for CAT 2019 preparation. In today’s article I am focusing on the Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension section of the exam. Section 1: Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension: As usual the structure of the section did not change. 24 questions of Reading Comprehension, 4 questions on Para jumbles (without options), 3 questions on Paragraph Summary, 3 questions on Odd Man out (finding the sentence that doesn’t belong in a jumbled paragraph). If anything, the only change in the structure of the exam was in terms of how many questions there were per reading comprehension passage. While the Reading Comprehension in CAT 2017 […]

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