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Why MBA from Top B-School?

CAT Guru Arun Sharma, IIM Bangalore alumnus and renowned author for McGraw Hill Publication speaks about the difference of doing MBA from a top B school like the IIM’s or a handful of 5-6 institutes like MDI, XLRI, SPJAIN etc. versus trying to do an MBA from a normal college. The first thing you should realize is that an MBA typically will be the last qualification you will have in your life unless you plan to change your career tracks to something like that later in your career, but for most people, MBA will be the last step of their educational career, after that professional career starts and hence it is the one last opportunity to change the kind of educational profile that you have. Top B School vs. Normal MBA College You might have come from any normal school/ college and if, you have a tag of an IIM attached to your name at the end of your educational career […]

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Mindworkzz is one of India’s leading brands in Aptitude training and testing. We are involved in training aspirants for the CAT over the past 2 decades and have trained over 10000 IIM Graduates. Besides we are also involved in conducting classes for CSAT, CLAT, GATE, UPSC and CRT (campus recruitment training). Our key partners include companies like McGraw Hill Education, Hungama, Airtel, Applied Mobile Labs etc. Our team is led by Arun Sharma – IIM Bangalore Alumnus, India’s most recognised and respected author and trainer for CAT, and comprises of Meenakshi Upadhyay (IIM Bangalore Alumnus), Mayank Raj Singh, Pramod Singh, Arun Chaturvedi, Rajeshwar Tiwari, Abhijeet Gautam, Darpan Garg, Saeed Khan, Nikita Trikha, Apaar Bhatnagar, Poojan Bathla, Kunwar Siddharth.

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